Empower your teams with effective People Technology.

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Poprouser Technology Services eliminates administrative tasks and drives operational excellence.

Poprouser Knows HRTech.

At Poprouser, we build and/or augment the technological system architecture of People Operations within companies, and manage it along with key stakeholders and identified linchpins.

People Tech Services



HR System Selection

We run comparative analysis on systems and recommend the best option. If necessary, we evaluate need for integrations, upgrades, customizations, and user/identity management.


Technology Support

Poprouser maintains a specialist in your HR systems, and your business tech in general. We manage tech support cases for your HR system and keep it running effectively.


Document Management

We take ownership of the flow of HR related documents and archives. We manage storage,  digitization, and destruction, retaining docs for the legally required duration.



We are your HR tech project team. We execute implementation projects for HR software that the company needs to work more effectively.


Data Program

Data governance program ensures access, quality, simplicity, and security of HR data. Standards are established and commucated.


Special Projects

When an HR business case requires a more custom solution, we identify the gap and build out custom HR solutions.

The value you get:

Increase: Timeliness, Collaboration, User Acceptance, Process Automation

Decrease: Paperwork, Cost of Administration, Cost of Operations and Barriers to Scale Business

Poprouser People Technology Services provides you with an unfair advantage over your non-people tech savvy competitors.

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