HR business as usual is not working. Get Poprouser as your People Ops partner and start getting results.

Poprouser Core People Ops prepares your organization for the future that's already happening.

◽ Transformational, not Transactional
◽ Non-linear & Innovative
◽ Prototype and launch solutions fast
◽ Tech-enabled and systematic

How We Help

At Poprouser, we build and/or augment the core functions of People Operations within companies, and manage the function along with key stakeholders and identified linchpins.

Core People Operations Services



HR & People Administration

We take over, streamline, and create processes, set up and execute payroll, run HR Case Management, and automate HR tasks.


Employee Development (ED)

ED builds knowledge distribution, performance management, and learning systems, for knowledge retention and ROI.


Organizational Design (OD)

OD provides consulting and org design solutions that increase the health and performance of biz functions and the business overall.


Culture Development

We create conditions for your culture to evolve intentionally in alignment with values, mission, and vision. We lead wellness, perk, recognition, and team initiatives.


Employee Relations (ER)

ER is the trusted partner to your employees, the internal customers of your organization. Orchestrates employee lifecycle from onboarding to post-termination.


People Ops Research

We research employee sentiment, performance, work conditions, systems, and processes, which act as a launch pad for HR projects, interventions, and behavior nudges.


  • Eliminated previously redundant and unrewarding work
  • Ability to compete for top talent off strength of employer brand
  • Build capable experts with fresh ideas from alternate sources
  • Enhanced retention, engagement, and productivity
  • Broken down silos and increased collaboration
  • Higher productivity, measurable performance results
  • Better, more predictable HR decision outcomes
  • Feeder for new insights and innovation

With People Initiatives, Interventions, and Nudges, we get better results, faster.

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